List Move
Use this widget with TableRecords widgets to have arrows in rows to move them up and down.
How to use List Move?
1. Put List_Move web block from RichWidgets in a cell of the Table Records;
2. Create a screen action and set it on the 'On Notify' property.
3. In the action flow move a row up or down using the following:
  - The 'NotifyWidgetGetMessage()' built-in function and compare it with 'RichWidgets.List_Move_Up()' or 'RichWidgets.List_Move_Down()' actions;
  - The 'CurrentRowNumber' runtime property of the TableRecords to know which row was moved;
  - The 'CurrentRowNumber', the 'StartIndex', and the 'LineCount' runtime properties of the TableRecords to check whether the row was moved outside the currently set of displayed rows;
You can also use this widget in a ListRecords widget.
CountryList Move
Move downMove down
United Kingdom
Move upMove up Move downMove down
United Arab Emirates
Move upMove up
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